Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

Not surprisingly I get asked similar questions on a daily basis by people who have come across my site for the first time. To save us all some time, please read these comments first...


What type of sex do you enjoy? Most sex, provided it doesn't involve blood or scat, or pain on my part. I enjoy playing the dom role in BDSM but am not sub; I like oral and anal sex, both giving and receiving, although I prefer to be in control... 
Do you prefer men or women? I enjoy sex and socialising with men, women, TVs, CDs, ... What is most important to me is the other person's attitude - that they are there to enjoy themselves and not take everything too seriously.
Do you dress? No - it's just that I have never got any particular thrill from it, although I enjoy seeing sexily dressed women and TVs. Anyone who has looked at my photos will know I could never be a convincing TV!
How do I join your group? There is no "group" as such... Anyone can visit the site, view and download the pictures and video clips for their enjoyment. If you would like me to put some of your pictures on the site, email me a selection - preferably at least 12 with a resolution of 640 by 480 or higher.
How do I get to meet? I can be contacted  through fabguys and fabswingers
Do you organise group sessions? I usually find it too complicated to get dates and times sorted out! I tend to arrange one-to-one sessions and then see if anyone else wants to join us. I am very happy to be invited to join others who have organised a party session.
Can you accommodate / travel? I can't usually accommodate, as I share the house. I live in Surrey, near the M25/M23 and can travel reasonable distances. As I am still in full-time employment, I usually need to plan sessions several days in advance, although I try to be flexible when I can.
Where are the glory holes? The glory hole featured on he website has been closed for a number of years, as I show on the pages... I don't know the location of any others, so don't bother asking me...
Why do you take so long to answer emails /  update the site? I don't have much spare time and my computer is in an area of the house which can easily be observed, so I normally only work on the site when no-one else is around... To select and edit one page of photographs and upload them tends to take about an hour and a half - longer if details need blurring... I am not deliberately impolite, but messages often take a lower priority - I will answer eventually!  
How do you manage to have so many sessions in a short time? I normally have only one or perhaps two sessions in a week - sometimes none at all... However, the picture editing tends to be done in blocks, so that pictures of several sessions will be uploaded over one or two days.

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