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I have built up a circle of people who enjoy the same sort of adult things that I do, and I hope you enjoy their pictures and movies... If sexual scenes would offend you, please go no further!

Those who visit the site regularly will be aware that updates are now somewhat sporadic - however, I will keep adding pictures and video clips as the opportunities arise. Any offer of material for the site and/or opportunities to film sessions /parties always welcome! 

I am now based full-time in Bristol and have occasional opportunities to travel or accommodate - I will keep a diary of availability here, although circumstances can change at short notice. I can be contacted by email on petra_jones@hotmail.com 

I have created a Twitter account to give first glimpses of new pics - you can join me on www.twitter.com/peterjones1950

On my website, each page is a set of small pictures. Click on any one to see the larger image.

Latest pictures

Latest Videos

Meeting up again with Randy L S March 2016
Blindfolded L S March 2016
Andy from Bristol L S March 2016
A 3some with Randy L S March 2016
Another Andy L S March 2016
L S March 2016
Stuart and Randy L S March 2016
Lucinda L S April 2016
L S April 2016
Sagaman and Rachel L S April 2016
Randy brings a friend L S April 2016
Stuart L S April 2016
Stuart's arse gets punished L S June 2016
L S June 2016
Stuart takes it all (almost) L S June 2016
L S June 2016



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